To add with our beautiful view of Koh Phangan, our hotel propose to our severals guests a restaurant, Bayon Restaurant.

This restaurant aims to promote the authenticity of Thai cuisine while adding a touch of European culture as a side. By coming to our restaurant, we will commit ourselves to deliver the best meal possible. Enjoy our cuisine while looking at the magnificient view of Bayon Restaurant.

Le Palais Hotel also offer our guests several unique and hand-made pools. While some of these pools are specifically made for selected customers of our hotel, we offer to our regular guests two beautiful, open space pools close to our beach. These two pools are distinct to each others by the water aspect.

The lowest pool and the biggest one has salty water as main source of water. This water is directly drain and cleaned by our facilities from the sea.

The upper pool is your average but highly recognized chlore pool. This pool will let you enjoy the view throughout your relaxing swimming session.

Feel free to relish your thirst and craving by ordoring to our beach bar. This bar located right next to the lowest pool will provide you of the best drink and food of our hotel directly from the restaurant via our tailored and handcrafted cabled restaurant provider.

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