The Bantey Srei Rooms

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“With elaborate carvings, refined building and its miniature scale for the ancient queen, Bantey Srei is known as the jewel in the crown of Khmer art”

The second building, named Bantey Srei, is mostly recognizable with its red color. “Bantey Srei” can be translated as “The Palace of the Queen.” This building, while a little bit smaller than Angkor building, represents the luxurious house of the ancient queen of Cambodia.

Angkor Pool View room are located just a floor below, on the 1st floor. These rooms offer a gorgeous pool right in front of your terrace. You will be able to appreciate our pool by just walking past our windowed doors. For people loving to enjoy swimming pool all day, these rooms are perfect for you because you will be able to change directly to your rooms without needed to walk far.

Rate 12,000 thb / night

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